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Free analysis

A more in-depth analysis gives you a great view of current status and future opportunities.  We are confinced that we can show and learn you the most latest strategies and techniques.


Social media advertising

The effect of social media is so powerful that one carefully crafted marketing message can grow to become a viral phenomenon seen by thousands of potential customers. Our social media team will help you automate and maximize your Facebook and Instagram marketing success to build your followers, your customers, and your success.


Increased SEO ranking

There’s nothing better than getting free traffic to your website and that is what search engine optimization can do for you. Our team of SEO experts can pinpoint all the top buyer keywords, optimize your website to appear at the top of the major search engines rankings and most importantly, show you how to keep it there for long-term growth.



Having social media accounts is not enough if you don’t know how to make money. Our proven salesfunnels will help you to increase your revenue by targeting your specific audience.

Get to know our services

Knowing how to effectively market your products and services online is the difference between your business succeeding or failing. Great marketing will attract new customers which increases sales but the expertize required doesn’t come cheap. There’s also the issue of how you’re going to find the first-class graphic designers, web developers, social media managers and SEO experts needed to carry out a marketing campaign. Wouldn’t it be easier if you had someone to plan and implement all your marketing for you? Clixx Marketing can provide you with a complete package of marketing services that produce results, and save you time and money. To discover how we can help you grow your business, contact us for your FREE marketing analysis today.

Web Hosting

Online presence analysis

Apply for a free  social media marketing and online presence  audit  (worth $247).

 We’ll review your current online presence, reveal hidden costs, and identify areas of potential opportunity.

Advanced marketing training

Whilst your competitors are still trying to figure out the basics, you can now put even more distance between your success and their mediocracy by studying our advanced marketing courses. You will learn effective techniques and powerful strategies to help grow your customer base and profits to whatever level you desire.


– Customer manipulation (25 cognitive biases and 101 logical fallacies)
– Persuasion 2.0
– Neuromarketing 101
– Instagram domination
– Facebook advertising
– Advanced SEO strategies
– Social media marketing

Our Clients

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